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Considering only in mass-market appeal without concerning the culture itself. Making you as their target market. Capital city-oriented. Capital city is the mecca bla bla bla. Those are some points that we can see through our clothing industries. It’s like all the youth culture centralized in big city only. I’m saying beyond the dichotomy of right or wrong. We believe that there’s room between the in-between. And it’s about choices that we made between some conventional options available. Started as a boredom and a twisted dream, SOLID GOLD established its legacy on early 2008 from the rough landscape of Semarang City, based on the things they love with dignity and sincerity. And of course went beyond that. Once again the DIY ethic has risen from the scene that became so dull nowadays. I had an interview with SOLID GOLD’s CEO, Cash-Flow, and talked a lot about his point of view. Here it goes…It’s all about having fun with what you do…And integrity…

- What makes you decide to make a brand?

Because it’s hard to get fresh gear here(in smgcty), i’m kinda frustate, if kids wanna buy fresh gear, they must flee to capital city, or ordering from internet, and what? they must pay stuff in unreasonable price (for bluecollar kid like me, it’s unreasonable*sigh)…yea,if you wanna cheap stuff you can go to emm,what we call it? distro?yea..they got stuff with lame print, and everyone got it,we hate when other had same stuff like us, right? In that point i decided to stop this crazyness, c’mon i just wanna sell good t’s with reasonable price, the rise of the poor kids, you don’t need have filthy rich parents to get a dope t’s,

- What are your inspirations and influences?

whatever …music, art, sports, literature, movie, occult stuff…anything….But my major inspiration and influence came from music, you can see thru my collection, 90’s music at finest…from blackmetal to hardcore to hiphop to anything, no,but i’m not goes crunk…so many scene kids wear some turquoise t’s with sum…err…glamourkill-esque print…i’m not into that, i’m not sayin’ that’s bad, im just saying it doesnt cool for me..it’s overhyped here in my town (also in indo maybe?)

- Tell me a lil bit of your brand history?

It was started at summer 2008, i invested my money to make 13 t’s with huge print “stay gold” and it was sold like hot cake, at that time i had no idea about “how to start your own brand” totally learning by doing….that time i just wanna made a brand that could fit with me, actually, i designed the t’s for my self, what stuff i like in that season will come up to silkscreen,and for the logo, i’m obsessed with freemason conspiracy theory, so that’s why i put the “all seeing eye” as my logo

- Describe solid gold in 5 words


- There are many cities aimed to be creative cities, and one of the approach is through the clothing industries, but i see there is fatigueness and boredom toward our clothing industries that almost gone so dull. What do you think about that?

Ah ,i’m incompetent to answer this question, but i think there are few cool brands in indonesia clothing industries, but lot of lame filthy rich brands here, they control the market, but hey, i’m different, that’s why im cool..ahhaha, it’s just like ying and yang…but i don’t give shit bout that, i’ll build my own market, keepin’ the core of my brand…yea,i don’t think my brand will fit to the others, but do i look like care?

-Do you think that this can be a future business?

Yea, of course, if you do something seriously, put integrity on it, workhard, evolve beyond, and have good work ethic, i belive you can live from it. And by the way i think our country doesn’t need employee anymore, this country need an enterpreneur.

Check this cult procession out: SOLID GOLD

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